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Security Policy


1. Any contribution and illicit dissemination of information and negative materials contrary to national policies is prohibited.
2. Spreading of information with political overtones, seditious or racist or any other that may affect the reputation of the Office of the Secretary is prohibited.
3. Customers who wish to use such a forum is required to register as a security measure to avoid things that are undesirable arise.
4. Users of the site should ensure that any files sent via attachments (attachment) is free from the threat of viruses.
5. Users of the site should ensure that any information given in the online application is authentic and unambiguous.
6. All information to be uploaded into the site Sarawak Federal Secretary Office must receive the approval of upper management.
7. Any form of aggression or attempts to hack the site Sarawak Federal Secretary's Office is prohibited.
8. Leading technologies including encryption software is used to protect data and adherence to strict safety standards are maintained to prevent unauthorized access.
9. All electronic storage and transmission of personal data are secured and stored with appropriate security technologies.