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Sarawak Federal Secretary Office Corporate Info


Background History
Sarawak Federal Secretary Office was established in 1963 with the tasks and powers of specific and was abolished with effect from 1 June 1982. Sarawak Federal Secretary Office has re-established on May 1, 1990 following the decision of the Cabinet on 21 November 1989.
Leader in the Federal Public Service In Sarawak To achieve a developed and competitive.
Empowering Excellence in Service Delivery Through Relations Between the Federal Government and State and Federal Property Management at an optimum level and quality.
"First and Leading"
1. Strengthening of Federal Government Relations With Sarawak State Government.
2. Managing the Federal Building and Quarters Sarawak Federal.
3. Coordinating and Monitoring Projects Federal Shared Buildings and Quarters.
4. Facilitate Implementation of Development Projects In Sarawak.
5. Coordinating Quality and Productivity Improvement Federal Department Agencies. 
1. Customers will be serve less than five (5) minutes.
2. Reservation for meeting room and auditorium will be replied less than 18 working hours.
3. Application of quarters will be responded less than 18 working hours.
4. Complaints by quarters resident will be investigated less than 18 working hours.
5. Application for repairs will be responded within 18 working days. (Emergency works will be responded within 3 hours).
6. Payment of bills and claims will be executed within 7 working days.